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Jumaane Ponder

December 15, 2015

“For students who are thinking about applying to the InteRDom Program and going to the Dominican Republic I would say that it is definitely a tremendous opportunity now more than ever. You live in a global community where international experience is ever-more important in building your career. When you go to the Dominican Republic with the InteRDom Program, they provide you with a tremendous amount of support and a tremendous amount of resources. Certainly there are people who can just drop on the ground in countries, but to be able to drop on the ground in a country and have a support system, have accommodations taken care of for you, have people working to put together programs and trips for you to really get out and explore the country and interact with people. Also, to provide you with the world-class Spanish education and training, and the fact that FUNGLODE itself is a very prominent think tank in the country and can really provide a lot of intellectual resources for you to grow. Pretty much anything you want to find out, there is a way for you to go through that organization to do what you like to do. I would say definitely apply, be motivated, be aggressive and the world is yours.”

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