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Opportunities for Dominican Organizations

Work with international interns
InteRDom works directly with more than 300 private, public and nongovernmental Dominican organizations to provide them with training programs, organizational development services and international interns from around the world. Many Dominican organizations realize the value of providing internship opportunities to both local and international students but don’t know how to begin or where to find these interns.

Our goal is to provide an unforgettable experience for the intern as well as the host organization, so we focus on providing a smooth integration process for interns and address any issues related to the cultural and organizational adaptation process. Our services for partner organizations promote best practices for internships in all types of organizations– public, private or non-profit –through the process of identifying policies and strategies that strengthen links between the educational and professional sectors for the purpose of training professionals who will eventually perform efficiently and effectively in world-class institutions.

Internship Certification Seminar

The main objective of the Internship Certification Seminar is to instruct participating organizations on how to build efficient internship programs, and how to improve and continually develop existing ones in order to increase companies’ effectiveness in attracting talented, trained personnel who are available to fill positions in areas or projects of special interest to the organizations. The Certification process promotes a culture of exchange among universities and local companies, while helping executives identify employees who can take on the role of internship coordinators, who will guide the company in the implementation and follow-up of internship programs.

Annual Conference

The InteRDom Conference, held annually, seeks to contribute to the organizational development of all organizations, providing useful tools and ideas that will promote best practices in all areas of impact.

Through its annual conference, InteRDom promotes internships as an integral element in academic training of university students, opening a cultural space where current topics of interest can be viewed and discussed.

Networking Breakfasts

The “Networking Breakfast for Organizations” are offered 3 times per year and aim to create and strengthen relationships with partner organizations in the Dominican Republic, by bringing together representatives working in the same sector to discuss a topic of common interest with local and international experts. It provides spaces for organizational development, professional networking and growth, as well as to share short- and medium-term projects to discuss opportunities for collaboration. Read the news to learn about the next breakfast!

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