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See what our alumni, internship and university partners are saying about their experience with the InteRDom program.

Toulouse University, France - 2018

Anouk Costeaux

Everything was wonderful, from the very first day to my last day in Santo Domingo. The organization staff was nice and helpful. I highly recommend this program.

Northeastern University, United States - 2018

Olivia Tillinghast

My internship at InteRDom was a great learning experience that I thoroughly enjoyed. I had the opportunity to work directly with kids in one of Santo Domingo's kid's hospitals.

University of Limoges, France - 2019

Bonnie Pacheco

The people are so welcoming and kindhearted that I've felt nothing but happiness ever since I arrived in Santo Domingo.

Toulouse University, France - 2018

Skyara Guridis

This was a unique and great experience for me. Thumbs Up!

University Complutense de Madrid, Spain - 2018

Kristina Stepanenko

An amazing experience! The opportunity to work closely with the United Nations organs and affiliated organizations opens the mind and brings a lot of extraordinary opportunities!

Technology Institute of Niza, France - 2018

Tanya Huairt

I met many interesting people and gained priceless international experience. I would recommend this program to all the students I met.

MA Candidate in Marine Affairs - University of Rhode Island – Fellows Program Summer 2016

Melvin Alvarez-Ortez

“Fellows Program provided me with excellent assistance and connections to experts, communities, and high level officials that made my fieldwork in the Dominican Republic much more enjoyable and feasible. The extraordinary support from the program coordinators and mentors started prior to my arrival in the country and continued after as well. My research goals would have not been accomplished without their guidance and help.”

University of Kansas – International Exchange Program Fall 2016

Idaima Calderón

“I was blessed to find the InteRDom Program, because since the first day I started working with them, they did everything in their power to make sure that my dream of interning in Dominican Republic was fulfilled the exact way I envisioned. I have absolutely loved my time spent in DR, and I know that I will finish my internship equipped with the skills and knowledge that will propel me in my goals to become a doctor. The support I have receive from the InteRDom family is more than I could have ever hoped for, and without them, none of this would have ever been possible.”

Graduate Research Assistant, Marine Affairs, University of Rhode Island – Winter Program 2014

Mat Rosa

“Our J-term study abroad course in the Dominican Republic was a great success, thanks to the supportive collaboration of InteRDom. Our students were presented with an engaging itinerary that challenged them academically, while providing life-changing experiences. The dedicated staff worked tirelessly, reflecting the institution's commitment to fostering crucial exchange for social, economic and democratic development. We are grateful to have InteRDom as a partner for the goals of our university and to continue fostering this meaningful relationship.”

Assistant Dean for the Undergraduate Program, Boston University School of Management - InteRDom Conference 2013

Rachel I. Reiser

I was immensely impressed with my work with the InteRDom Program. Not only was my experience working with all InteRDom staff tremendously efficient, effective, and professional, but I found InteRDom to be thoughtful and innovative in their ideas for our collaboration in every way, including by partnering me with leaders in the Dominican business world for enriching and engaging idea exchange. Further, as I learned more about the many and varied activities of InteRDom, I was increasingly impressed with the scope and depth of its collective work. In short, I view my InteRDom colleagues as true thought leaders, and I would welcome any opportunity to work together again.

Sciences Po - Dominican International Student Program Summer 2013

Giselle Deñó

"As a Dominican coming from abroad you come with fresh new eyes; through my internship I was able immerse myself in my own culture by acquiring knowledge of things I took for granted or just understood, but that in reality I knew little to nothing about. I was able to grow in my own nationality and as a professional that can hopefully give back to its country."

Baruch College - Dominican International Student Program Summer 2013

Gretcher Hernández

"Being part of this program has made this summer unforgettable. It has been a great experience, from which I have learned a lot about my country's economy and public system. Without any doubt, participating in the [Dominican International Student] program is one of the best decisions I have ever made."

Howard University - Programa 2012 de Postgrados y de Recién Graduados de 22 semanas

Jumaane Ponder

"For students who are thinking about applying to the InteRDom Program and going to the Dominican Republic I would say that it is definitely a tremendous opportunity now more than ever. You live in a global community where international experience is ever-more important in building your career. When you go to the Dominican Republic with the InteRDom Program, they provide you with a tremendous amount of support and a tremendous amount of resources. Certainly there are people who can just drop on the ground in countries, but to be able to drop on the ground in a country and have a support system, have accommodations taken care of for you, have people working to put together programs and trips for you to really get out and explore the country and interact with people. Also, to provide you with the world-class Spanish education and training, and the fact that FUNGLODE itself is a very prominent think tank in the country and can really provide a lot of intellectual resources for you to grow. Pretty much anything you want to find out, there is a way for you to go through that organization to do what you like to do. I would say definitely apply, be motivated, be aggressive and the world is yours."

Western Michigan University - Graduate and Gap Year 32-week Program 2012

Anna Groesser

“Thanks to the good planning of both InteRDom and the PUNTACANA Foundation, my professional development goals are being directly met. I wanted experience in community development projects, and that is specifically what my direct supervisors … are involved in, on a daily basis. They make sure to include me in almost everything they do, and also in the “fun” things, the perks of their jobs, such as fancy lunches and cocktails with the heads of the hotel corporation and visiting groups. My internship activities have directly affected the choice of places I interviewed at and accepted a position with.”

Columbia College of Physicians and Surgeons - Graduate and Gap Year 10-week Program 2012

María Cristina Herrera

“The apartment housing offered to the interns through InteRDom has far exceeded my expectations. The apartment is clean and modern with amenities such as air conditioning and a washing machine which I feel very fortunate to have. The fact that towels and sheets are laundered and the apartment is cleaned on a weekly basis is luxury I am still not used to having… Considering this is my first formal study/intern abroad program I am very thankful for the comfortable housing provided by InteRDom as it has made my transition to life in the DR that much easier.“

Associate Director, Dean Rusk Center for International Law and Policy, University of Georgia School of Law - InteRDom PRO 2012

María Giménez

“My trip to Santo Domingo was enlightening and most enjoyable.   I discovered a city full of diversity, contrasts and art.  The warmth of its people, the joy of its music, the weight of its history surrounded me throughout my stay.  I am ready to go back and discover more of the marvels that this beautiful country has to offer to the world.   It is a destination that I will recommend to my students, colleagues and friends and one that I intend to learn more about myself.”

Professor of Spanish, University of Rhode Island - Winter Program 2012

Susana de los Heros

“I found the geography as well as the people in Santo Domingo to be very special. Dominicans and the Dominican Republic have a lot to offer to the world and to our students. You have just made it easier to be able for students to find a good place to do their research and learn.  I was particularly impressed with downtown Santo Domingo. I was not really expecting to find such a rich architectural legacy!”

Professor of Political Science, University of Rhode Island - Winter Program 2012

Dr. Maureen Moakley

“Every aspect of the experience in Santo Domingo and the work of your organization was excellent, your staff was outstanding and the events at the Institute were ideal - combining the experience with informed dialogue.”

San José State University - Researcher, Fall 2011 Academic Semester

Chris Martinez

“InteRDom has been really good at getting me contacts and helping me get around places to interview people.  If it weren’t for them, I would be lost!”

Boston College - Caribbean Summer 2011

Michael Schreckinger

“I would whole-heartedly recommend the Dominican Republic for its rich history and culture, its fun-loving people, and its natural beauty. I had an amazing experience working for FUNGLODE/CDRI and taking summer courses at UNIBE and look forward to returning to the island at some point as either a visitor or an employee…While living in the DR for two months, I grew particularly fond of the food and learned how to cook a few Dominican dishes, including ‘tostones,’ my personal favorite.”

Boston University - Caribbean Summer 2011

Jatnna Garcia

Coming back to the Dominican Republic to work for a local NGO that deals with International Relations so closely like does the Dominican Council of International Relations (DCIR), under the initiative of FUNGLODE, was a marvelous experience. It feels great to be able to, through my chosen career path, give back to the land in which I grew up. Since I left, I always came back for vacations, but none had been as long and beneficial as this one.”

City College - Service Learning Program 2011

Nick-Edward Woolley

“I would to take this opportunity to thank the InteRDom staff for the amazing experience that I had in the Dominican Republic. Being from Haitian background, I had the sense that I knew everything that there was to know about Haiti and its relationship with its neighbor, the Dominican Republic. I must say to my surprise, it was an eye-opener. I learn much more than what I was hoping to learn; for this I would like to say thank you very much.”

City College - Service Learning Program 2011

Edward Cuesta

“Being with the residents of Batey Libertad living and participating in their daily lives has changed my perspective on what is important in life. I want to be a kind of a person who can make a difference in people’s lives. I have simplified my life and learned to focus on what is most important. I have gained much from my participation in the InteRDom internship program and found it to be rewarding. This program was tailor made for me.”

Fordham University - Summer Institute for Educators 2011

Professor Sydney Valerio

“You truly were a magnificent host. I thank you for the accommodations you created and mostly for the time and effort it took in putting together a great itinerary. I really appreciated getting to know the different landmarks of the DR… I truly believe in what your organization is doing and would love to see us collaborate and work on expanding our reach of talents.”

University of Rhode Island - Expert in the Spanish Caribbean 2011

Ryan Cowen

“[The experience] completely exceeded my expectations.  The cultural knowledge and experiences I gained here far surpass any class I’ve ever taken.  I’ve made lifelong friends and countless memories that I will hold onto for the rest of my life.”

University of Rhode Island - Expert in the Spanish Caribbean 2011

Profesora Kristin Johnson

“I think that InteRDom was exceptional in handling our group and ensuring learning despite challenges… Most importantly the efforts made on behalf of our group, including schedule adjustments and assistance in creating additional activities were wonderful and above and beyond.”

Director for Dominican Border Activities, Pan American Development Foundation (PADF)

Cesareo Guillermo

“If I had to define InteRDom in just a few words I would say that it is an extra resource [for organizations] that comes at an appropriate time and effectively meets our needs.”

Lafayette College - Program for Graduate and Gap Year Students Fall 2010

Caitlin Lowery

“When I applied to the InteRDom program, I mentioned that one of my goals was to take the DELE (Diploma de Espanol como Lengua Extranjera) exam and the InteRDom team worked hard to help me accomplish that aim.  I elected to take the "Superior" test, because I felt that it would be most beneficial in light of my future plans. After weeks of studying with Martha and living and working in Santo Domingo, I passed the exam and should receive my diploma in a few weeks, an accomplishment I could not have achieved without the help of Martha and the InteRDom staff.”

Assistant Director, Career Center, George Washington University - InteRDom PRO 2010

Brian Rowe

“This was my first time to the Dominican Republic; it has been a very interesting experience meeting with people from InteRDom, people from FUNGLODE, meeting with internship partners.  I was very impressed with the caliber of internships that are available for students here.  I feel that InteRDom has given us a good view and a good experience looking at the business community, the organization community and also the culture here in Santo Domingo.”

Senior Assistant Director, Career Center, University of Rochester - InteRDom PRO 2010

Amber Graham

"Esta experiencia ha sido impresionante... Creo que la República Dominicana es una fantástica opción para estudiantes que buscan hacer un trabajo en un país en desarrollo que tiene un pueblo que es tan acogedor y que está tan interesado en interactuar con los estadounidenses, y que también cuenta con la infraestructura preparada para a realmente hacer un impacto. Se debe destacar que un estudiante en un proyecto aquí o en una pasantía puede tener un impacto directo sobre la gente con la que está trabajando, y también recibe buenas tutorías de profesionales en su campo de preferencia a nivel internacional”.

SUNY New Paltz - Caribbean Summer 2010

Rafaela Estrella

“I am certainly more committed to work for an international NGO in the future after seeing how one works from the inside.  I have been able to learn about how some of the projects are executed and how they help the community improve.  IDDI is an NGO that has so many different departments and has been working in the country for the past twenty five years and has made a substantial difference.  After this experience I now definitely know that I would like to work for a NGO as well as work and perhaps even live abroad.”

Educational Project Coordinator, United Nations Association of the Dominican Republic (UNADR)

Nathanael Concepción

"InteRDom is a very wonderful program, I think the program is a great help, and ANURD’s relationship with InteRDom has been very good, our experiences [with interns] have been very good. We have received a few interns… and they have made a great contribution in their areas ... Our relationship with InteRDom has gone from us only receiving interns to becoming partners and collaborate with them in seminars for the young people who come through the InteRDom program and the general public on very interesting topics, which is a part of InteRDom we also like it because not only bring interns to make a contribution here and to learn the reality of our country, but it also presents current issues and brings them into contact with other actors here."

Harvard University Kennedy School - Fellows Program 2009

Carl Allen

“Having FUNGLODE as a resource … and InteRDom and their networks has been beneficial for my research.  I think as far as if you were an undergraduate looking for an internship, the connections that the organization has to companies would be very valuable.”

Baylor University - Caribbean Summer 2009

Mariel Perez

I really love the Caribbean culture class. Professor Cabiya really helps us understand the cultural aspects we are experiencing, putting our experience into historical context. I would definitely recommend the InteRDom program, not only because it gives you work and academic experience, but because Dominican culture is completely different and fascinating.  I think that it is an experience that has been very valuable for me.”

Human Resources Manager, Banco Nacional de Fomento de la Vivienda y la Producción (BNV)

Pedro José Castillo Rodríguez

“The internship program InteRDom of the Global Foundation for Democracy and Development has had a very positive impact because it has given us the opportunity to organize and open what will be an ongoing [internship] program in the institution and to continue to work with InteRDom to give the same opportunities to other interns that will come in the future.”

Director of Study Abroad, Baruch College

Dr. Richard Mitten

“It’s clear that being able to move easily both between and within cultures is very important.  The InteRDom program… is especially invaluable.  Work experience in any internship environment is important, but doing it in a foreign business culture and in a foreign language gives students and added skill that will be of inestimable value to them in their careers.”

Amherst College - Caribbean Summer 2008

Hannah Winnick

“[InteRDom] is a very comprehensive program that has various components that give interns the opportunity to travel throughout the country, to do an internship and also to take classes… it’s is very well-organized.  I am leaving with a very positive image [of the program].”

Dartmouth College - Caribbean Summer 2007

Adam Bledsoe

“People in the Dominican Republic are very nice. It’s incredible. People are always available to help with what you need or how to get around, especially if you are not familiar with the city. The country is beautiful. The Caribbean Sea is incredible. I love being here and I hope to return in a month and a half.”

Yale University - Caribbean Summer 2007

Christina Davidson

“I love working for INSTRAW. The people are marvelous. They take their work seriously and offer me the liberty to work on my project at my own pace. They are very cooperative with their suggestions. I couldn’t have found a better internship!”

Fordham University - Caribbean Summer 2007

Daniel Lyons

“The United Nations Development Programme provided a very diverse and stimulating atmosphere to work in. I was afraid of becoming part of an international team devoted to improving the lives of the people that live in the Dominican Republic. The UNDP is very active and has a disaster preparation division, which I am working for. They have been very accommodating with regard to my limitations with the Spanish language and my desire to integrate myself quickly in the organization. Since I’ve arrived, I have been able to work independently, although, clearly in a guided manner. My work here benefited both my career and the program.”

Massachusetts Institute of Technology - Caribbean Summer 2006

Holly Owens

“GFDD and FUNGLODE have quite the technologically and architecturally modern headquarters! I was also amazed by the resources available at UNIBE.”

Brandeis University - Caribbean Summer 2006

Jonathan D’Oleo

“I’m taking a class on commercial law. It’s very interesting. It gives me an insider’s view of how this area is run in the Dominican Republic. My experience at UNIBE has been amazing. I think that a great part of my education takes part outside of the classroom, meeting other people and getting in touch with different realities. As we say in the US, it’s been a blast.”