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Funding Opportunities

There are many financial aid, loan and scholarship opportunities available to students who begin their search for funding with enough time before interning abroad. We recommend that students first go to the Career Services, Study Abroad, Financial Services and department heads of their respective universities to discuss what funding options are available for international, unpaid internship experiences.

In addition to university-specific funding opportunities, we also recommend that students look into the following options:

Scholarships and Grants:

  • logo_benjaminBenjamin A. Gilman International Scholarship Program
  • logo_borenBoren Scholarship and Fellowship
  • logo_fed-educationFederal Pell Grants
  • logo_fed-educationFederal Supplemental Education Opportunity Grants
  • fund-global-scholarsFoundation for Global Scholars
  • logo_fulbrightFulbright Program for US Students
  • logo_iefa
  • logo_fastweb
  • logo_iie-global
  • logo_good-call
  • money-geek-logoScholarship Search Engine


Many students find that they feel more fulfilled by their international experience if they take the time to raise the money to travel themselves. Students often find family members, community groups and/or religious groups to sponsor them, or use various fundraising techniques to save enough funds to travel. The following website offers some helpful fundraising tips:

You may also conduct online fundraising through sites like:

  • indiegogo-logo-white
  • logo_crowdrise
  • you-caring
  • logo_fund_travel
  • pigltlogo
  • gofundme_Logo
  • fund anything logo
  • zb-logo