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April 13, 2015

By Daniella Mera Troncoso
I am a Dominican student who decided to go abroad to attend college and have a North American college experience.  However, during the summers I usually go back home to visit my family, get some sun, and intern at a company in order to keep growing professionally in my areas of study.  Last summer I had the opportunity to be an intern at a digital agency, since I am a Marketing and Communications major. There I acquired many of the skills that got me ready to pursue an internship here in New York City. This experience made me realize the significance of internships, and that I want to be back in my country to join the workforce because I would like to share a lot of what I have learned here and contribute to the development of the Dominican Republic. For this reason, I have decided to share with you why would it be an amazing opportunity to pursue an internship in the Dominican Republic.

A lot of people usually don’t know where the Dominican Republic is; I can tell because of their puzzled faces when I am asked where I come from and I excitingly respond by saying Dominican Republic. We are that tiny island floating in the Caribbean Sea right in the middle of Cuba and Puerto Rico, sharing the territory with Haiti. It may be a bit hard to locate us on a world map but as they say, big things come in small packages.

Today, the Dominican Republic has the one of the largest economies among the Caribbean nations. We are recognized for our tourism and agricultural business. Tourism has allowed for Free Trade Zones to be established. According to the Caribbean Investment Network, countries with Free Trade zones are valued by business entrepreneurs and investors as places of favorable trade conditions and excellent sites of company operations.

That said, the Dominican Republic is the perfect destination for an international professional internship. I assure you will have it all. You’ll be growing as a professional in your areas of study, and at the same time feel you are on a constant vacation. Trust me; you’ll be using the #ilivewhereyouvacation hashtag endlessly.

Probably by the end of the first day at your internship you’ll have plans for the weekend, even more so, plans for that same night, as Dominicans are known for being very warm and welcoming people. They will do anything in their power for you to have a good time and take you to every corner of the country – the beach, the mountains, the caves, the springs, etc.

The fact that we are so tiny will allow you to get to different destinations quickly. For example, you can visit the Eastern coast of the island and in just a few stops see the Cuevas de Las Maravillas where the Tainos lived, take a dip at one of the beaches in La Romana, Bayahibe ,or Dominicus to refresh from the boiling sun, make a pit stop in Punta Cana at the natural springs to wash away the salty water and relax for a while and then go out for dinner to experience some of the nightlife there.

Please, immerse yourself in the culture, EXPLORE and try it all to make the best out of this experience. I guarantee you’ll want to be back.

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