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GDAE Transnational Law Program – Day 4

November 20, 2014

Thursday the 23rd
Today we had our first class in Criminal Law, taught by Professor Cook, which consisted of two hours with the teacher that were truly inspiring, because apart from being a great professor, he has experience as a Prosecutor, which gave us, as exchange students, a whole new opportunity for in-depth exposure to the criminal code in the United States. After that we went to our last International Law class with Professor Amann, who as always, taught the class with serenity and concern that her students understand and learn the material.

That day we had planned to go to the Outlets, but Professor Cook invited us to his Evidence class, so we decided to postpone our outing for the next day in order to take advantage of a class that wasn’t on the program. The coordinator of the program also encouraged us to accept Professor Cook’s invitation. We sat in on the class in a Faculty room with some of the university’s law students. The experience was tremendous. The professor first introduced us to his students then proceeded with the class.

After leaving the class we took a bus to Georgia Square Mall where we spent the day ambling around the entertainment center. 

From Athens, Georgia
With Love,
DR Crew

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