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In my element

InteRDom Correspondent, Kim, has completed three years of her Bachelor's degree in Film By: Kim Sanchez and Video at the Visual Arts College at the University of Toledo in Ohio. She is participating in the 2013 10-week Caribbean Summer Program. You can read more about Kim and her participation in the Correspondent Program here. We went to Constanza on Sunday for a three mile hike and it was the best time! I had so much fun. I love hiking and being outdoors, but I made sure to shower myself with mosquito repellent first. I love mountains. I never see them back home. Some day I will climb taller mountains, but this was a nice day... Read More

Category: excursions

Getting Ready for Summer 2009

The InteRDom team is getting excited for what promises to be an exhilarating Summer 2009 session! We have brand new internship offerings, as well as a fun agenda of excursions and cultural outings planned; the students are the only missing ingredient! This year InteRDom interns have been accepted at more than 40 Dominican organizations, which represent professions that run the gamut from art to technology and serve the private and public sectors, as well as NGOs. These are top organizations in the Dominican Republic, and they are getting prepared for your arrival! In addition to the internships and the cultural and academic agendas, InteRDom is thrilled to announce its 2009 HOT Summer Seminar Series. This... Read More

Category: excursions

InteRDom is HOT!

More than just classes and internships, the InteRDom program is about learning about the culture, history and geography of the Dominican Republic while having FUN! The Summer 2008 program was chock-full of activities to teach students about this one-of-a-kind country from many different perspectives. For example, one of the first excursions of the summer was a trip to the northern part of the island to visit museums in Salcedo and Santiago. InteRDom’s tour guide, Tirso Cabral, took advantage of the three-hour bus ride to the interior to teach the group about the Dominican landscape and the history of the people, particularly of General Trujillo and the Mirabal sisters. As we passed through La Vega, he... Read More