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GDAE Transnational Law Program – Day 3

November 19, 2014

Wednesday 22nd
On Wednesday, the 22nd, we woke up early, ate breakfast then, although it was cold out, we went to our classes at the Dean Rusk Center. We had our International Law class with Professor Diane, in which we learned, among other things, international law issues.

Then, for the first time this week, we took a class in Corporate Law with Professor Rodrigues (yes, “Rodrigues” with an S), which was very dynamic. We learned a lot in those two hours with her.

Later, since we had nothing scheduled, we decided to walk to Athens. We saw many interesting things like huge mansions, some of which were decorated for Halloween. We also saw UGA fraternity and sorority houses. After dinner in the evening, we went to some of the nightspots downtown.


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