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GDAE Transnational Law Program – Day 1

November 14, 2014

The Global Dominican Academic Exchange (GDAE) introduces Dominican students to the American style of liberal arts education and encourages dialogue between Dominican students and their Dominican-American counterparts attending these institutions. The program promotes partnership and entrepreneurship initiatives which foster innovation and stimulate Dominican economic development and international understanding.
Students participating in the University of Georgia (UGA) Transnational Law Program in Athens, Georgia (October 19-26, 2014) took turns sending a daily report of their experiences.  To show just how fun the GDAE program is, we are sharing these reports to inspire others to attend! If you are interested in applying, please read more information on our website at:
Monday 20th
It was simply fantastic. It began with an exquisite and varied breakfast with our brothers from Argentina, courtesy of the Hotel Holiday Inn Express. After breakfast, we took a short walk from the Hotel to the University, past the marvelous UGA Arch. We were attracted by its magnetism and immediately our minds and bodies sensed the mysticism of this higher learning institution.
When we arrived at the Dean Rusk Center, we were warmly greeted by Associate Director, María Eugenia Giménez, who proceeded to explain the work they do there. They gave us kits with information about the Law School and a few souvenirs. Later we joined a University tour, led by two representatives of the Arch Society, in which we learned about its rich history as well as some fun facts about UGA.
Upon returning to the Dean Rusk Center, we attended our first class on International Law given by Professor Diane Marie Amann. It was very, very enriching and Professor Diane is a top-notch teacher. Then we took a break and had lunch with María Eugenia Giménez and Mr. Don Johnson, Director of Dean Rusk Center, who officially welcomed us. Following the break, we returned to class with Professor Randy Beck, who taught Constitutional Law. It is worth noting that both professors have worked within the US Supreme Court, which, in short, means we are learning from the best of the best.
The day ended with a dinner organized by the Society of UGA Law Students. It was a really fun activity and we made lots of friends.
We have no words to express how thankful we are to have been chosen for this program. We are benefiting and taking advantage to the max. We love everyone here.  
From Athens, Georgia
With Love,
DR Crew

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