July 1, 2010

InteRDom Announces NEW Internship Openings

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Applications are still open for all 2011 InteRDom programs, and InteRDom is happy to announce nine special new opportunities in affiliated organizations in the areas of: Public Health & Administration, Political Science & Law, Business & Marketing, and Journalism & Literature.

InteRDom works with undergraduate, graduate and gap-year students of all fields and study areas.  All applicants must be 20 years or older, possess a minimum GPA of 2.9 and have basic-to-medium proficiency in the Spanish language.

In addition to these, there are still openings for students of any study area.  Interested students should log onto the InteRDom’s website and click on their field of study in the left-hand column to find out more about what InteRDom has to offer in the Dominican Republic.

Salud _ health Students of public health and administration can apply for a position at an important children’s health facility in Santo Domingo, where he or she would research the strengths and weaknesses of the teaching program.  This project would require the student to become familiar with the personnel of each department and their job functions, and to prepare a report on what the hospital can do to improve their training and capacities.
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Legal For students of political science and law, there are various openings in a nonprofit public policy and political oversight organization affiliated to InteRDom.  The openings are all investigative positions that are research-heavy, requiring interns to research one of three areas– criminal justice, civil justice and labor rights—and present findings and recommendations on how to modernize the functioning of the judicial system.  The ideal candidate for this position would be interested in social justice and gender issues and be adept at working independently to uncover information.
PDF Criminal Justice>
PDF Labor Justice>
PDF Civil Justice>
Business Business, marketing, agriculture and industrial engineering students may apply for an internship with a prominent international non-governmental organization, which is seeking an intern to assist with the implementation and expansion of a project assisting a collective of bee-keepers.  The position will require the intern to develop an international marketing and exportation plan for locally-produced honey and other similar products.
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International Students of international relations, communication and education have an excellent opportunity working in a well-known and influential international non-profit organization in the development of international youth initiatives.  This position will require excellent written and verbal communication skills, fluency in Spanish and at least one other language and experience with web control and mass communication.  The internship will involve the planning and execution of events for youth both in-country and internationally.
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Periodismo Journalism and Literature students will benefit from an incredible opportunity in one of the leading communications providers in the Dominican Republic.  The position requires the student to compile a database of all works published in the Dominican Republic by North American authors since the 19th century.  The intern will work extensively with the cultural correspondence department and collaborate with other cultural institutions throughout the city.
PDF Find more information about this opportunity here.
Financial International marketing, business and finance students have internship options in two different organizations through InteRDom: one specializing in insurance and the other in microfinance for small businesses.  In both organizations, the student will have the opportunity to investigate and create new products to be implemented within a specific market.  The ideal candidates for these positions should have advanced Spanish language skills and be well-versed in economics, project management, marketing and finanze.
PDF Insurance>
PDF Micro-finance>

To apply for these and other positions, fill out the InteRDom Enrollment Form and send it, along with your resume and cover letter to interdom@interdominternships.org.

Through the InteRDom Program, both undergraduate and graduate students have the opportunity to take a wide variety of academic courses in Spanish with other Dominican students at the Universidad Iberoamericana (UNIBE). This presents an excellent opportunity for students to further their studies within a Spanish-speaking context, permitting accelerated growth in the area of language acquisition and application. See List of Courses Open to All InteRDom Students

Students that need extra reinforcement in the Spanish language can also choose to take a specialized intermediate course to give their language skills an extra boost.

Requirements to Apply:

InteRDom works with undergraduate, graduate and gap-year students of all fields and study areas.  All applicants must be 20 years or older, possess a minimum GPA of 2.9 and have basic-to-medium proficiency in the Spanish language.

Required documents:

  • InteRDom Enrollment Form
  • Resume and Cover Letter
  • A Photograph in JPG format (passport photo)
  • Copy of Passport
  • 4 2×2 high- definition photos
  • Certificates of Good Conduct and Good Health Issued in Student’s Country of Origin
  • 1 Letter of Recommendation from a Professor
  • Official Transcript from University of Origin

InteRDom Internships in the Dominican Republic, an initiative of Global Foundation for Democracy and Development (GFDD) and Fundación Global Democracia y Desarrollo (FUNGLODE), is the premier internship and academic study program in the Dominican Republic. It offers international students the opportunity to obtain professional experience by interning with Dominican organizations and businesses related to their fields of study, complemented by courses and seminars at local universities.