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InteRDom is the premier internship, research and study program in the Dominican Republic. The program provides university students, professors, academics and professionals a platform for exchange and collaboration, promoting research and development in the Dominican Republic and the Caribbean region. Read More >

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“I was immensely impressed with my work with the InteRDom Program. Not only was my experience working with all InteRDom staff tremendously efficient, effective, and professional, but I found InteRDom to be thoughtful and innovative in their ideas for our collaboration in every way, including by partnering me with leaders in the Dominican business world for enriching and engaging idea exchange."

Rachel I. Reiser Assistant Dean for the Undergraduate Program, Boston University School of Management

“As a Dominican coming from abroad you come with fresh new eyes; through my internship I was able immerse myself in my own culture by acquiring knowledge of things I took for granted or just understood, but that in reality I knew little to nothing about."

Giselle Deñó Sciences Po – Dominican International Student Program Summer 2013

“The experience completely exceeded my expectations. The cultural knowledge and experiences I gained here far surpass any class I’ve ever taken. I’ve made lifelong friends and countless memories that I will hold onto for the rest of my life.”

Ryan Cowen University of Rhode Island - Expert in the Spanish Caribbean 2011