July 12, 2010

Weekly Update—Cultural Excursion to Rancho Campeche

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On Saturday, July 10, the InteRDom Summer 2010 interns traveled to Rancho Campeche in San Cristobal to learn about more cultural aspects of the Dominican Republic.  Weekly Update—Cultural Excursion to Rancho CampecheThe trip started with a drive through some of the country’s largest sugarcane plantations on the way to the Ranch.  Upon arrival, the students toured the ranch in its entirety with a guide, who introduced them to the animals and fauna of the region, then took a trip into the town of San Cristobal to visit a witchdoctor and santería expert.  The students sat in front of the altar, while they received information about the history of santería, as well as a summary of the saints and their purposes.

Arriving back to the Ranch, the students shared a typical Dominican lunch with Xiomara Fortuna– a notorious author, anthropologist and musician– who spent the afternoon answering all of the interns’ questions and giving them a workshop on typical Dominican music, customs, myths, etc.  It was a day full of culture, nature and a glimpse into the lives of many Dominicans!

Check out the photographs of the trip in the gallery here>