July 23, 2009

HOT Summer Seminars Conclude with Second Part of Civil Rights Series

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InteRDom’s HOT Summer Seminar series concluded on Wednesday, July 22 with the second installation of the seminar “Civil Rights in the Dominican Republic,” with the participation of Henry Molina, Director of Escuela Nacional de Judicatura and Coordinator of the E-justice Program.

After Molina’s introduction to the topic in the first installment, the second session called on participants to present the results of their week of group research. Each group took the stage to discuss their findings on the following topics: Women’s Rights, the American Convention on Human Rights, Children’s Rights, Universal Declaration of Human Rights, International Covenant of Civil and Political Rights, International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights and Rights of the Youth.

The participants were motivated and enthusiastic in their presentations, and there was lively debate before and after each one. Cultural and geographic differences were put on display during, allowing for a very international perspective to be discussed.

“(InteRDom) is allowing for each participant to come into contact with the internationalization of rights, it is allowing fundamental rights, human rights, to enter into a much more global dynamic than we have seen in recent years,” said presenter Henry Molina. “InteRDom’s initiative makes sense for the Dominican Republic insofar as it connects the local with the global, or the international.”

InteRDom’s HOT Summer Seminar series is a product of its mission to promote professional, academic, scientific, technological and cultural exchange of students and professionals in public, private and non-profit organizations of the Dominican Republic and to provide spaces for personal and professional growth, internationalization and multicultural understanding.

In total, the two seminars were attended by more than 140 students and professionals of Dominican, Haitian, European and American heritage, who took advantage of the opportunity to voice their opinions and hear an international perspective on these two very “hot” topics.

InteRDom, the premier internship and academic study program in the Dominican Republic, offers students the opportunity to gain professional experience by interning with Dominican organizations and businesses related to their field of study, while taking courses at local universities. InteRDom was launched in 2005, and has since provided internship and academic study opportunities to students from 30 international universities. Summer seminars are open to the public and represent an excellent opportunity for cultural exchange, gathering students from the Dominican Republic, the United States and Haiti.