August 7, 2017

Summer 2017 InteRDom Interns Take Part in Their Final Excursion

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Santo Domingo – Over the weekend, the Summer 2017 InteRDom interns took part in the third and final cultural activity of their program. The interns had the opportunity on Saturday, August 5th to enjoy a full day in the municipality of Baní, where they visited a number of truly picturesque landscapes. Accompanied by InteRDom staff, the interns departed the headquarters of Funglode at 10:00 a.m. and were told of the significance of the locations they were about to visit on the way. The day brought adventure in the form of climbing the Dunes of Baní, historical lessons in visiting the Salt Mines of Baní, and later, rest and relaxation during a brief swim in the Playa Salinas.

The Dunes of Baní are located in the Las Calderas peninsula between the cities of Matanzas and Salinas and extend for approximately 15 kilometers in a straight line. At the tip of the peninsula, one can find the Salt Mines of Baní, which have been part of the economy of the region for more than 510 years and have been operated by a number of public authorities – since 2013 by the Baní government. Playa Salinas, located in the south of Baní on the Bahia de las Calderas, is right next to these two national treasures.

At the beginning of June, the Summer 2017 InteRDom program brought three students from universities in the United States to Santo Domingo. The students not only worked as interns in diverse organizations, but also went on cultural excursions and participated in weekly activities held in the headquarters of Funglode.

About InteRDom:
InteRDom, an initiative of the Global Foundation for Democracy and Development (GFDD) and the Foundation for Democracy and Development (Funglode), is the leading program for internships, research and academic studies in the Dominican Republic. It offers foreign students the opportunity to research important and cutting-edge topics on the United Nations agenda, to obtain professional experience through internships in organizations and in Dominican companies related to their fields of study, and to obtain academic credits for courses and seminars they take at a local university.