September 17, 2014

MSP-Detalles Arquitectónicos (DetArq) new InteRDom institutional partner

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InteRDom is pleased to announce a new partnership with MSP-Detalles Arquitectónicos (DetArq), an architecture, engineering and consulting firm which represents a perfect fit for interns from both areas who wish to learn about the interesting interaction between these two fields in the Dominican Republic.

The new partnership with DetArq represents InteRDom’s first experience working in the architecture and construction field in the Dominican Republic, and was formed in response to the arrival of InteRDom’s newest intern, Sean Coffey, a student in the field of Science of Architectural and Civil Engineering, with a concentration in digital buildings at Drexel University in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.  Elmer Gonzalez, Director of Architectural School at Universidad Iberoamericana (UNIBE) and Sonya Perez, the department’s internship coordinator, are to thank for facilitating the contact and agreement between InteRDom and DetArq.

Interns will benefit greatly from the experience of Architect Mayobanex Suazo, founder of DetArq, who has great skill and talent in this area. He graduated with a degree architecture from the Autonomous University of Santo Domingo (UASD), with specialties in sports architecture and urban architecture; he is also a lecturer and teaches design, and has written several reports on the housing problems in the province of Santo Domingo. At the urban level, as President of DetArq, he has designed and built many residential and commercial projects for various national and international firms, and his knowledge will enrich both the experience of international students and the content of the programming that InteRDom is offering for local companies.

“I think this is a fitting occasion to attract international interns in the field of architecture and construction, since the growth of the Dominican Republic, and in particular of the Santo Domingo province, is at its best,” said Arq. Mayobanex Suazo, President of DetArq.

Sean will perform a 6-month internship at DetArq, where he will put into practice the knowledge he has acquired in all of DetArq’s current architectural design and construction projects, in addition to immersing himself in the Spanish language and Dominican culture.

InteRDom, a program of Global Foundation for Democracy and Development (GFDD) and Fundación Global Democracia y Desarrollo (FUNGLODE) promotes exchange opportunities between international and domestic students and Dominican institutions in order to contribute to the development of the employment and research sectors in the Dominican Republic. In addition to bringing international talent to the country to intern with local organizations, InteRDom offers an extensive program for affiliate firms, which, from the outset, has been characterized by promoting best practices and research on professional development topics.IMG_20140918_15162210646982_917502011612453_4600300209156005607_n