December 11, 2006

InteRDom students visit the largest cave in the Caribbean

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InteRDom students had the opportunity to visit some of the hidden wonders of the Dominican Republic when they ventured into the Fun Fun Caves (formerly known as the Devil’s Cave), near the town of Hato Mayor on the eastern part of the island. The fabulous caves are said to be amongst the largest in the world and are the longest in the Caribbean.

To reach the caves, students left on horseback and descended several kilometers before arriving at the entrance. Once there they abseiled down into the depths of the cave, home to over seven kilometers of tunnels. After an in-depth tour, visitors swam through the underground rivers to reach the exit, where they found their horses waiting for them, ready to take them back home.

InteRDom arranges an array of cultural, historical and adventurous tours for its students.

Recent tours have also included:

Ruta de los Ingenios, a tour of the sugar mills used by slaves in the 17th century, and also hydraulic technology from the era.

– Isla Saona, near the town of La Romana. The island is a must-see for visitors to the Dominican Republic. Its natural beauty is breathtaking and the journey there is an adventure in itself as access is by speedboat.

– A tour of the Cibao Valley and a visit to the house of the sisters Mirabal. The brutal murder of the sisters by former dictator Rafael Trujillo is commemorated by the United Nations on the 25th November for the International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women. InteRDom students had the honor of sitting and meeting with the surviving sister Dedé who still greets visitors at the former home in Conuco where she lived with her sisters.

– A guided tour around Santo Domingo’s historical Colonial Zone, which is home to the first cathedral and street of the Americas and many museums and colonial architecture.

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