July 24, 2006

InteRDom Students Discover Hidden Historical Sites in Dominican Republic

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On Saturday July 8th, students participating in InterRDom, the internship program run by GDFF/FUNGLODE, had the chance to discover some of the historical treasures the Dominican Republic has to offer.

The first excursion took place in the city of San Cristóbal, about one hour from the capital Santo Domingo. The interns saw the Ruta de los Ingenios, the sugar mills used by slaves in the 17th century, and also hydraulic technology from the era.  From there, they headed to one of the most extravagant houses in the country, where the constitution of the Dominican Republic was signed and home to former dictator Rafael Trujillo. They also spent time at his private baths known as “La Toma” and ended the  tour with a visit to Palenque Beach, where the English Generals Penn and Venables landed in 1655.

The group was accompanied by Tirso Cabral, an experienced cultural and historical guide in the Dominican Republic.

InteRDom (Internships in the Dominican Republic) is an exchange program which offers structured learning programs to international students in Dominican organizations and companies. Jonathan D’Oleo from Brandeis University, Alexandra Hinojosa from Boston College, Josef Miller and Holly Owens from Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and José Blanco from the Universidad de Estudios Empresariales in Bilbao are the current interns.