April 2, 2018

InteRDom Participated at New York Model United Nations Conference for Latin America and the Caribbean (NYMUNLAC 2018)

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GFDD, along with its sister organization Funglode, headed the opening this past April 1th of the New York Model United Nations Conference for Latin America and the Caribbean (NYMUNLAC2018) organized by Global Muners and ANURD.  The opening ceremony was held at the Grand Hotel Hyatt in New York City, with the participation of hundreds of students from all over the world.

During the second day of the conference the head of the New York office of the Global Foundation for Democracy and Development, Ms. Yamile Eusebio, moderated the first working session along with Manuel Medrano, GFDD’s Program Coordinator for Student Exchanges (InteRDom).

During his brief and spontaneous presentation, Manuel Medrano highlighted the importance of encouraging students to participate in regional and global issues.  Medrano emphasized that the world is in constant change and that we live in a global village where regional labor experience is crucial to the student’s professional future.

The GFDD and its sister organization – Funglode – through the InteRDom program has as one of its main goals to place foreign students in Dominican institutions so that they not only accumulate experience in the labor market in their specific areas of study but also prepare them for the labor market before their graduation.

Participants also included professors and heads of some of Latin America and the Caribbean’s most prestigious educational institutions.