March 11, 2009

InteRDom Helps Increase the Visibility of Dominican Students and Professionals in the United States

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The 3rd National Dominican Student Conference will take place on April 10-12, 2009 at the City College of New York, and InteRDom is helping to facilitate the national and international promotion and execution of the event.

InteRDom, the official internship program sponsoring the event, believes strongly in this year’s theme, “Transitioning from a Student to a Professional,” which will focus on providing students with the tools to combat stereotypes and learn business norms and etiquette to facilitate the interviewing process and the transition into the workforce after college. InteRDom Coordinator, Alicia Alonzo, will be one of the speakers sharing her experiences in one of the workshops on Saturday, April 11 titled “Business Etiquette.”

“InteRDom is offering an important service to improve the visibility of the conference’s student organizers and to generate important multimedia protocol so that the event can be more than just an annual meeting: to convert it into a dependable institution so that future generations of students inherit a consolidated logistic and can offer creative support to the formation of future students,” explains Alicia Alonzo, InteRDom’s coordinator.

“Our internship program firmly believes in the concept of the conference as a very democratic means of increasing the visibility of Dominican students and professionals that live in the United States,” Alonzo continued.

InteRDom will also be greeting students with a stand at the welcoming reception on Friday evening. The team will be there to meet the students, distribute brochures and to tell students how InteRDom can help serve as a bridge between their current studies and future career aspirations.

This year’s conference is organized by DominiCUNY, a joint intellectual effort between the current Dominican student leaders and alumni of the City University of New York (CUNY), which was recently formed in order to strengthen its bid to host the conference.

“We are hoping we can set the example that instead of individual Dominican student clubs of various colleges fighting for something, let’s just get together and collaborate—put all our resources and put all of our minds together,” said Harry Melo, an alumnus of Baruch College and one of the organizers of this year’s conference.

The student and alumni organizers are a bright, dynamic group hailing from many colleges within the CUNY system, including Lehman College, Baruch College, Hunter College and Bronx Community College. CUNY has graduated more students of Dominican descent than any other university in the United States.

The annual Dominican Student Conference attracts students from the Dominican diaspora from across the United States. This year, organizers expect for more than 400 students to be in attendance.

For more information about the conference, please visit the webpage at

Dates: April 10-12, 2009
Location: The City College of New York main campus, New York, New York