December 18, 2009

InteRDom Gives First Annual Certification Seminar for Internship Supervisors

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On December 5, 2009, InteRDom successfully completed its first “Certification of Internship Coordinators and Monitors,” overseen by Joaquín Salazar, expert in internships and human resources. 

The Certification of Internship Coordinators and Monitors is a two-part training program offered by InteRDom that allows participating organizations to identify their internal needs and to turn them into learning opportunities by taking maximum advantage of the valuable resources an internship program provides. The seminar is especially geared toward human resources specialists, managers and directors who are interested in implementing an internship program or improving the existing ones in their organizations and companies.

The Certification took place over the course of two Saturdays, beginning on November 28th and culminating on December 5th, 2009.  It was hosted by InteRDom and took place at the Santo Domingo headquarters of one of InteRDom’s sponsoring organizations, Fundación Global Democracia y Desarollo.

Participants in the seminar learned how to improve their internship candidate selection criteria and to draw up business plans and placement contracts, as well as how to develop supervision programs integrating all members and staff of the company or organization.

As a result of this seminar, the Dominican Republic now has its first ever group of leaders and personnel duly qualified and trained to manage intern programs in their respective companies.

The organizations that participated in both sessions of the seminar and earned their certifications are from a diverse cross-section of the Dominican business and non-profit community, and include Banco Popular Dominicano, ARS Humano, Distribuidora Corripio, Adoarh, Sur Futuro, Pan American Development Foundation (PADF), Seguros Universal, Panamericana de Producciones and INTEC.

InteRDom intends to continue offering this important certification to organizations and businesses in the Dominican Republic biannually, affording them an opportunity to take full advantage of the experience provided by the internships in their companies, thus contributing to the efficiency of their internal processes, fulfillment of their objectives and a reduction of operating costs.

InteRDom, the premier internship and academic study program in the Dominican Republic, offers students the opportunity to gain professional experience by interning with Dominican organizations and businesses related to their field of study, while taking courses at local universities. InteRDom was launched in 2005, and has since provided internship and academic study opportunities to students from 30 international universities. Summer seminars are open to the public and represent an excellent opportunity for cultural exchange, gathering students from the Dominican Republic, the United States and Haiti.