July 3, 2006

InteRDom: First US Students Arrive in Dominican Republic

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The first group of American students visiting Dominican Republic through the InterDom: Internships in Dominican Republic program arrived at Santo Domingo starting May 12, 2006. Students have been going to their Spanish classes at Universidad Iberoamericana (UNIBE), and are soon to start their internships at several local organizations and private companies. Also, the interns will visit a series of Dominican historic landmarks and tourist destinations, in an effort carried out by the InterDom program to present the country in all the richness of its history, culture, people, tourist attractions and daily life to young international audiences.

Some of the interns this year and the internship they will be doing are:

  • Jonathan D’Oleo: international business – American Chamber of Commerce of Dominican Republic.
  • Jose Blanco: business – Dominican Republic Stock Exchange.
  • Josef Miller: maritime transportation/ports – Sans Soucí Port of Santo Domingo.
  • Holly Owens: education and science – INTEC and SEESCYT.
  • Alexandra Hinojosa: community development – United Nations.

InterDom is a program of Global Foundation for Democracy and Development (GFDD) aimed to foster exchange between foreign and Dominican students, and to present the Dominican Republic to a young generation avid of new cultural experiences.

For more information about InterDom, contact Alicia Alonzo at 212.751.5290 (fax 212.751.7000) oraliciaalonzo@globalfoundationdd.org.