June 8, 2007

InteRDom Business and Volunteer Opportunities Day

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Leading business professionals from national and international NGOs and companies presented their internship opportunities to InteRDom students this Tuesday 5th June at the InteRDom Business and Volunteers Opportunities Day in FUNGLODE. The event aimed to inform InteRDom students about professional learning opportunities available to them in the Dominican Republic as a means of promoting the concept of ‘learning-by-doing’ through its academic study and internship program.

InteRDom supports in-house training opportunities within companies and NGOs and has been working closely with these organizations to help them build their own internship and learning programs for local and international students.
Non-governmental organizations also presented volunteer opportunities to the students, many of whom will be researching a wide variety of areas such as business and marketing development, the impact of the Central American Free Trade Agreement (DR-CAFTA), education, media, HIV/AIDs, gender, health and environmental issues. All interns have a specific interest in the Caribbean region and will be working closely with specialists in these fields for their studies.
InteRDom has been working closely with representatives from NGOs, the public and private sector and would not exist without the continued support and participation of Dominican and international organizations, students, professors and working professionals who have worked tirelessly to make the program what it is today. Some of the organizations that will be working with InteRDom participants during their internships, and that are supporting this summer’s program, include:
Other activities planned for this week have included: the InteRDom Welcome Party at Casa de Teatro, a day at Guavaberry Resort in Juan Dolio and also a party for the second anniversary of Vida Universitaria Magazine, a student publication that has been supporting the InteRDom program throughout the Dominican Republic.
Former InteRDom students have gone on to successful academic and professional futures, such as Jill Brumier from Guadeloupe who is now studying International Law at Oxford University in the United Kingdom and Arisleyda Diloné from the United States who, while successfully completing a Masters Degree at St. John’s University Campus in Rome, also worked for the Dominican Embassy in Italy.) and FUNGLODE´s commitment to foster collaboration across nations and encourage research and academic exchange within the Caribbean.
InteRDom is the leading academic and internship program for the Dominican Republic and facilitates all areas of academic, cultural, scientific and technological exchange between students and universities and NGO, public and private sector professionals. It is part of the Global Foundation for Democracy and Development (GFDD)