June 18, 2013

InteRDom Announces Conference, “Challenges to the Development of the Dominican Republic and the Republic of Haiti”

InteRDom Announces Conference, “Challenges to the Development of the Dominican Republic and the Republic of Haiti”
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InteRDom Internships in the Dominican Republic, in conjunction with the Hispaniola Foundation is pleased to announce the upcoming conference, “Challenges to the Development of the Dominican Republic and the Republic of Haiti,” taking place on Friday, June 21, 2013 at 4 pm in FUNGLODE. Reserve your space today; this event is free and open to the public!

Friday, June 21, 2013,
4 pm – 6 pm.
Location: FUNGLODE, 2nd Floor, Classroom 3.
Please confirm your attendance by calling:
(809) 685-9966 ext. 2541/2542]

This conference aims to present some of the key challenges facing development in the Dominican Republic and the Republic of Haiti, from the points of view of professionals and researchers from different areas directly related to the subject, who will share their experiences and the results of their research. A question and answer session will follow the presentations to encourage exchange of ideas and intercultural discussion between the audience and experts.

Presentations will be made by: Joseph Harold Pierre, University of Barcelona, “Political and Democratic Culture in the Dominican Republic and Haiti”; Maria Virtudes Berroa, Executive Director of the Batey Relief Alliance, “Barriers to Public Health Access and Discrimination of HIV in the Monte Plata Province”; and Zugeilly Coss Sanz, Fulbright Scholarship Program, “Sustainable Development and Climate Change Experiences in the Dominican Republic: the Perspective of a Fulbright Scholar.”

The conference is being organized for InteRDom’s 2013 summer interns, a group of Mexican interns hosted by Yspaniola and the Fulbright scholars currently in the Dominican Republic.  The participation of Dominican students and general public is encouraged in order to enrich the debate and exchange of ideas.

“Challenges to the Development of the Dominican Republic and Haiti” represents the latest collaboration in a longstanding relationship between InteRDom and the Yspaniola Foundation.  Since 2011, the two programs have come together to bring educational programming which supports community and professional development to international students and volunteers from around the world.  The conference fulfills InteRDom and its parent institutions’, GFDD and FUNGLODE’s, mission to promote intercultural dialogue through this conference by providing spaces for knowledge and cultural exchange.

InteRDom, an initiative of Global Foundation for Democracy and Development (GFDD) and Fundación Global Democracia y Desarrollo (FUNGLODE), is the premier internship, research and academic study program in the Dominican Republic. It offers international students the opportunity to research important topics at the forefront of the United Nations agenda, obtain professional experience by interning with Dominican organizations and businesses related to their fields of study and/or earn academic credits by taking courses and seminars at a local university.