March 5, 2012

GFDD Announces Launch of The Fellows Program Webpage

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It is with great enthusiasm that Global Foundation for Democracy and Development (GFDD) announce the launch of The Fellows Program bilingual English-Spanish webpage. The simple to navigate site facilitates access to important information regarding the program, including: the history, mission and objectives; research topics; dates, duration and fees; program advisors; student residencies; medical insurance; experiences of past fellows; news articles; multimedia; registration and contact information; and reports realized by past fellows.

Visit the webpage at:

Fellows that carry-out exemplary work have the opportunity to present their findings before the United Nations community on behalf of GFDD and FUNGLODE.

About The Fellows Program:
The Fellows Program, an extension of the internship and academic exchange program InteRDom, was developed in 2009 to respond to the desire of GFDD and FUNGLODE to develop a community of scholars that contributes to the Foundations’ growing body of research on matters of international concern that directly impact the Dominican Republic. The Program complements the overall mission of GFDD and FUNGLODE to promote academic exchange, generate scholarship, and influence the creation of public policy related to economic and social development both at the national and international level.

Through The Fellows Program, GFDD and FUNGLODE seek to generate scholarship on issues at the forefront of the United Nations’ agenda in order to give voice to national and regional concerns and offer viable solutions to domestic and international challenges.

The Fellows Program provides opportunities for M.S., M.A. and Ph.D. candidates interested in conducting high-level research in the Dominican Republic on issues related to sustainable development. The final output of the investigation is a comprehensive report which includes empirical data. Fellows realize research in coordination with GFDD and FUNGLODE staff, National Academic Advisors and their university professors.

Each fellow is paired with a National Advisor specializing in the topic of research. National Advisors are experts, professors and private sector professionals interested in influencing the generation of high-level research on topics critical to the sustainable development of the Dominican Republic and the region.

Program objectives:

  • Establish critical links with universities, professors, M.S., M.A. and Ph.D. candidates.
  • Generate and disseminate research on topics related to social and economic development within the context of the Dominican Republic.
  • Create a community of scholars that will contribute to the expansion of academic research related to issues pertaining to social and economic development, the environment and global governance.
  • Present the perspectives of GFDD and FUNGLODE before the commissions and committees of the United Nations.
  • Provide opportunities for personal and professional growth, academic exchange and cross-cultural understanding.
Research topics:
2012 – 2013
Climate change
Financing for development
Gender equality
Population and development
Poverty eradication
Public health
Climate change
Disaster management
Financing for development
Gender equality
Marine resources
Oceans and seas
Poverty eradication
Public health and development
Small Island Developing States