June 20, 2013

Correspondent Spotlight: Alexandria Rogers

Correspondent Spotlight: Alexandria Rogers
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InteRDom Internships in the Dominican Republic is excited to introduce Alexandria Rogers, a third-year student majoring in sports administration and Spanish at the University of Miami and an InteRDom Correspondent for 2013 summer programs.

Alexandria is participating in the Caribbean Summer Program and will be performing an internship in the role of Community Affairs and Education Initiative Assistant for the Major League Baseball (MLB) offices in Santo Domingo.

Alexandria was born and raised in Atlanta, Georgia and loves traveling, eating, spending time with friends and family, having fun and watching sports; specifically football, basketball and baseball. In the future she would like to combine her fluency in Spanish with a position in the field of sports. Her ideal job would be working in baseball, so her internship this summer is the perfect opportunity to get her foot in the door!

Q: What sparked your interest in traveling?
A: I’ve always liked to travel. Three years ago I participated in a study abroad program in Costa Rica. I knew I wanted to do another study abroad program with an internship incorporated into it. When I heard of InteRDom I thought it was perfect for me.

Q: Why did you decide to participate in the Correspondent Program?

A: People have told me that I am a good writer. I don’t particularly write but whenever I’ve had a paper due everyone always says it sounds so good and that I should be a sports journalist. I decided to try it out and write a blog post to see where it takes me.

Q: How do you think the program will contribute to your academic and/or career goals?

A: I definitely think this program will improve my Spanish. My number one goal is to become fluent in Spanish before I go home and I definitely think this experience will help. I also think this program will help me zone in on what I really want to do. This is my first internship in the sports field, so by doing this internship I hope to know exactly what I want to do in the future.

Q: Why did you become interested in the sports administration and Spanish fields?

A: It started really young, when I was two or three years old with my grandfather who was a sports fanatic. When I was younger I was always with him watching sports. As I got older I still kept watching sports and I paid attention and knew what was going on. I knew I wanted to do something that I enjoyed for a job so why not sports administration?
As for Spanish, in elementary school and middle school we were forced to take French classes and I hated it so in high school I decided to take Spanish and I loved it! I understood it and really liked it so I continued with the language. My professor suggested I do a study abroad program in Costa Rica so I did and when I came back I decided to do a second major in Spanish.

Q: What is your point of reference for knowledge about the Dominican Republic?

A: There were two main people who introduced me to the Dominican Republic. My boss in my on-campus job in Miami is from La Vega and my Dominican hairdresser back home in Atlanta who is from San Francisco de Macorís and has been doing my hair for the past eight years. Collectively they told me a lot about the country, including where to go, what to do and where to eat in the Dominican Republic.

Q: What are you most looking forward to experiencing here in the Dominican Republic?

A: Traveling throughout the country and my internship. This internship was a dream opportunity for me so I’m really looking forward to it.

Q: What is your family like?

A: My family loves to have fun, especially on the holidays. One way to describe my family is crazy and loud.

Q: What is one fun or little-known fact about you?
A: I went zip-lining through the jungle in Costa Rica and I was terrified but I did it because I didn’t think I would get the opportunity again. I was glad I did it but I was so scared because I am scared of heights. And I think I would do it again just to say I did it again.

Through the Correspondent Program Alexandria will post bi-monthly blogs, not only about her internship experience, but about cultural activities and excursions, her impressions of the Dominican culture and the daily life of an international student in the Dominican Republic.

Upon her return to the University of Miami, she will serve as an ambassador of the country and the program for undergraduate students interested in traveling to the Dominican Republic for academic and professional experiences. While the InteRDom Program continues to build a strong relationship with the University of Miami, Alexandria will help provide an important connection to the students on campus. Read more about how the Correspondent Program helps students boost their resumes in the areas of Communications, Marketing and Public Relations, here.

InteRDom, an initiative of Global Foundation for Democracy and Development (GFDD) and Fundación Global Democracia y Desarrollo (FUNGLODE), is the premier internship, research and academic study program in the Dominican Republic. It offers international students the opportunity to research important topics at the forefront of the United Nations agenda, obtain professional experience by interning with Dominican organizations and businesses related to their fields of study and/or earn academic credits by taking courses and seminars at a local university.