May 29, 2009

A Green Internship for 2009 Fall Semester: Sustainable Development and Climate Change in the Caribbean Region

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The National Council on Climate Change (NCCC) and the Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) met recently at InteRDom with important projects for students interested in designing environmental policies to prevent and mitigate the emission of green house gasses.

The National Council on Climate Change is part of the Sur Futuro Foundation, an organization that promotes social development programs in the southern area of the Dominican Republic. It is comprised of more than 8 communities, 4 of which are on the border between the Dominican Republic and Haiti.

Through the internships, students will carry out vulnerability and risk analyses in the southern area of the country; they will work with information gathered by specialized reports done by CATHALAC-AID and UNEP-Oxford. They will make available environmental education programs in the communities and implement a program for monitoring the biological and social indicators of the southern area. In addition, they will work in identifying practices and activities in strategic areas in the southern zone that will serve as mitigating measures to reduce emissions and contribute to avoiding, reducing and slowing down the impact of climate change.

The Council’s initiatives also seek to promote the culture of governmental and non-governmental social responsibility and corporate socio-environmental investment, especially in the area of clean technology and sustainable environment.

Students interested in exploring opportunities should submit their applications along with their CVs and a letter of presentation through InteRDom’s registration form.

InteRDom is an initiative of the Fundación Global Democracia y Desarrollo (FUNFLODE) and its sister organization in the United States, the Global Foundation for Democracy and Development (GFDD), which has, since 2005, offered students the opportunity to acquire professional experience through internships in Dominican organizations and companies related to their areas of study. The program significantly contributes to the development of the national labor sector and the advance of academic research.