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See You Soon, My Beautiful Island, Nice People and Delicious Food!

September 24, 2012


By: Ioana Pescaru

Ioana has completed three years of her Bachelor’s degree in Spanish, French and Media and Communication at Newcastle University in Newcastle, Great Britain. She is one of three students participating in the 2012 pilot of the InteRDom Correspondent Program, and is participating in the 2012 10-week Caribbean Summer Program, with special dates beginning July 1. You can read more about Ioana and her participation in the Correspondent Program here.

My Dominican internship is over and I am now back home, in Europe where the fall is coming slowly with its rain, unfriendly clouds and crazy wind. But…no worries! The Dominican sun, hot weather and unforgettable memories will always be with me.  It was really hard and sad to say goodbye to my colleagues at work, to the friends I made there, to the very delicious food and fruit, to the beach, to the sun, to my special Dominican life.

The last day of work was the longest one, because after we finished working my colleagues wanted to say goodbye to me in a more intimate and friendly atmosphere, so we went for dinner at a Mexican restaurant. I had a feeling that I have never experienced before. They made me feel very special and loved. I was so overwhelmed that I almost started crying, being happy that I had the chance to meet so many nice and kind people and at the same, being incredibly sorry that it was already time to leave the country. We promised we would keep in touch and visit each other whenever possible.

What other perfect way of spending my last weekend there than going to the concert of ones of my favourite reggaeton and bachata singers…? I was lucky I could go to see Wisin and Yandel and Prince Royce in huge concert that takes place every year at the end of summer. It was a unique experience that made me very happy and my friends jealous…hehehe.

In conclusion, based on my personal experience, deciding to do an internship in DR is worth every effort. It tests your abilities and personality, but there is no doubt that it could change many aspects of your previous life.

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